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South Lake Tahoe Snow Removal Pricing & Discounts

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We offer a discount for Early Season Sign-up. You get $25 off when you sign a seasonal snow removal contract by September 30th. The contract can be filled out electronically or hand written.
Download a seasonal contract here.

We also offer a Sign-up Your Neighbor discount. You get $25 off your seasonal contract, when you refer any neighbor, within a three-block radius of your property, and they sign a seasonal contract.

Residential Snow Removal

Seasonal Pricing

Snow removal for a typical driveway in the county runs about $600 a season. A contract is valid from November 1st through April 30th.
The Seasonal Contract includes:

  • Unlimited clearings per season after 4 inches or more of snow has accumulated.
  • Free snow stakes so your driveway stays clearly marked during the storms.

For further questions about seasonal contracts see FAQs  and give us a call.

Monthly Rates

We offer a monthly snow removal service rate of $100 per month, if your driveway is of typical size (typical size= no larger than two average car widths and no longer then two average car lengths long, with room for car doors to open and walk around the vehicles.)
Call for a free estimate – 530-318-9191.
This is a great service for:

  • Keeping your driveway clear during a vacation away from Tahoe
  • Keeping your driveway clear for emergency vehicles, while you’re away, in the event of flood or fire
  • A hassle free return to your house, after the long drive back to Tahoe
Call When Needed

Pricing varies by location, amount of snow accumulated, and our availability. Call for free estimates, scheduling, pricing information, and visit our FAQs page.

Commercial Property Snow Removal


    • Call When Needed
    • Seasonal Contracts

We will do snow removal for any commercial property.
Just call for a free estimate.